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The Vision Cats

Salem: It's true. Every word is true.
Harriet: I came from the badlands and moved to London when I was only a few months old. I can vouch for this completely.


Finally someone who tells it the way it is ! (you still have that room to rent at all per chance ?)


You'll be sorry next time go come down to Brixton Market and find the mob waiting for you, mate!

The Cartoonist

Fabulous! That's worth a triple Lol.

The Vision Cats

@ Frank - are you sure? we didn't know they had the internet down there :-)


And that's what Der Spiegel thinks about it: http://tinyurl.com/6k36n


@VisionCats: you can bet your bottom dollar they've got the net down there: www.urban75.com


Sheep shaggers? Pfffft...

The Cartoonist

Don't worry, Armin. I used to live on the 'wrong side of the Alster' in Hamburg...


Well, if it keeps you out of our manor, that's no bad thing.

miss d

South is not that bad. I can think of some parts of North London that are really grubby like camden for instance.

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