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In the confusion of terrorist attacks and bombs, the facts and information may be skewed in the original reports.

I remember the morning of 9/11 there were reports of explosions at the State Department and may playes crashing into Seattle.

I heard a London police office on tv say that the number of explosions may have been incorrect because people were coming out of different exits of the tube stops. I wouldn't worry about the 2 "extra" explosions, it seems the facts have straightened out.

Prayers for London and the UK. You guys are great, I love visiting your city and country. You are a brave nation and you'll get through this!


is it happening again? authorities who disinform the crowd. seems to be parallel to 9/11 and the pentagon blast, which was reported to be hit by an aiplane even though it was a missile... there are flash-animated videos on the net, cant remember where i found it.

Sharon Boone

Just wanted to send condolences and prayers for the suffering that Londoners and residents of the UK, endured at the hands of a punk! I was stunned to hear of the tradgedy this morning. May God or the deity you worship have mercy! It's a very sad, horrifying way to ruin the lives of the innocent. I am praying for you in America that these despots be caught and brought to justice!


Please, no conspiracy theories, especially not that missile hits the pentagon nonsense (try snopes.com, it's been debunked there, I think).

I would have posted this at Londonblog.de, but it requires registration, which I can't be bothered to do:

And Hanno, I don't think London (and the UK in general) will change. London and the rest of the UK has lived with terror for far too long to do that. Can't remember how long Konstantin has been in London now, but I can remember Canary Wharf and Manchester 1996 just to name a few examples. Read a few other UK blogs and you'll understand how resilient the Brits are against this.

john turner

Prayers and thoughts from Virginia,USA are with our brothers and sisters in the UK. We will send our gifts spiritually, monetarily, and militarily upon any request from our friends on the other side of the pond. May God provide you comfort and strength, during your time of national tragedy.


missing blasts or not, just stay on top of things and collect information from people. that is all you can do and it is all anybody could ask.

i feel sad for the londoners. i don't think they will change either. too tough. seen too much stuff already.

besides: starting to live in fear would be playing into the hands of the people who did this.


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I understand your point. Of course, it will change a little. Not noticable, though.


A friend of mine was in the 2nd carriage of the train between king's cross and russell square. The bomb exploded in the 1st carriage and they were trapped for 40 minutes in the soot. But he didn't hear another explosion.

Martin Reise

Some people say there is no faithful information in this world. Some say this world is relative to each person.

We might never find the whole truth.

Your reliable informant must have been "Walter Mitty".I can assure you that the Rapid Response Team was not one of the first to reach the train. Not even close!! I know because I was there! Kings Cross Underground staff and the British Transport Police were the First and escorted the walking wounded back to the Station. They also adminstered First Aid until the Emergency Services arrived and took over. Underground Staff then concetrated on getting medical supplies and water to both the Emergency Services and the victims until their assistance were no longer needed.They were unsung heros who asked for no recognisation.

John H

Apparently one reason for the confusion about numbers of blasts was explosions within tunnels being reported as happening at stations at both ends of the tunnel (eg Kings Cross/Russell Square).

There was also a lot of rumour swirling about - at lunchtime I heard stories of a bomb at Wembley Park (reported by parents picking up their children from a primary school in Harrow where a colleague's sister teaches), but by that time everyone was seriously jumpy.

And things get made to look more sinister than they are: I heard rumours of "an even bigger blast at Kings Cross, that wasn't being reported". In the event, the Kings Cross blast was indeed the worst attack, but the way the rumour put it made it sound like there was an attempt at a cover-up going on.

Claire H

I know that this is a late reply.

There were three bombs on the tubes. The reason that people thought there was more was because the force of the bomb was felt at both ends. The line between Kings Cross and Russel Square is so short that it is no surprise that people thought there were two.

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